外研版新标准英语八上M9U2的主要内容是介绍了未来的城市生活。课文以Jo为主人公,介绍了Parkville和Arnwick的概况,并且通过Jo的经历反映了城市及其周边地区的发展变化,使学生很容易联想到现实情况。1.They had a small house, close to fields and hills.他们有一个靠近田野和小山的小房子。close to靠近

2.People from Parkville moved to Arnwick to find jobs, and they needed places to live.帕克维尔的人搬到阿恩威克去找工作,需要地方住下来。(1)move to sp.搬到某地,,如果地点是副词,to省略He moved there two years ago.(2)to find jobs动词不定式表示目的

3.However, it was expensive to live in the city centre, so the government built flats outside the centre.但是,住在市中心很贵,所以政府在城市周边修建了公寓。(1)however然而;但是,后面要有逗号与句子隔开(2)It is/was +形容词+(for sb.)to do sth.对某人来说做某事是……It is interesting for students to learn English.(3)in the city centre在市中心

4.The small local school closed down five years ago, so Jo has to go to a school in Arnwick with 200,000 pupils.五年前,帕克维尔当地的学校关闭了,所以乔不得不去阿恩威克市的一所有2000名学生的学校上学。(1)close down(永久)关闭,关停The company closed down last year.(2)so所以,连接因果关系的并列复合句

5.It takes an hour to get there by bus.坐公交车去上学要花1个小时。(1)It takes/took/will take sb.some time to do sth. 花费某人多长时间去做某事It took me two hours to finish the work.(2)get there到那里(3)by bus坐公交车

6.It is clear that Arnwick needs more schools, buses and hospitals.很明显Arnwick 需要更多的学校、公交车和医院。It is clear that+句子 很明显……

7.But to do all these things,it needs more money.但是,为了做所有这些事,它需要更多的资金。to do all these things动词不定式做目的状语

8.However,can money help solve all these problems?然而,钱能解决所有这些问题吗?(1)help do/to do sth.帮助做某事(2)solve problems 解决问题

9.In fact,this is just a story.其实,这只是一个故事。in fact事实上;实际上